Inilunsad ng Alto Broadcasting System (ABS) sa DZAQ Channel 3 ang Unang Brodkast sa Telebisyon sa Pilipinas, 23 Oktubre 1953.

Itinatag ni Eugenio J. Lopez ang Chronicle Broadcasting Network, 1955. Nabili ang ABS, 1957, at ang dalawang network ay nakilala bilang ABS-CBN, 1963. Naging ABS-CBN Corporation, 1967.

Ipinatayo itong sentro ng pag-bobrodkast ng network ng radyo’t telebisyon sa Bohol Avenue, 24 Pebrero 1967. Pinasinayaan 18, Disyembre 1968.


This July, the Philippine Heritage Map shall feature several milestones in Philippine History. On October 23, 1953, Alto Broadcasting Television (ABS) launched DZAQ-TV, marking the first-ever official telecast in the country. This first-ever broadcast was aired at the residence of Judge Antonio Quirino at Sitio Alto. DZAQ-TV started on a four-hour-a-day schedule, from six to ten in the evening, with programs ranging from borrowed films from embassies, imported cowboy movies, the actual coverage of a variety of events, and even stage plays – the first of which is the Cyrano de Bergerac, a play produced by Father James Reuter.

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